About Mom's Homemade
Mom's Homemade is a collective of work at home moms dedicated to working together to create a mom's homemade brand of products you can trust, to promote buying and shopping locally, supporting our farmers, using green eco friendly products, as well as to support all people who choose to work at home to be with, and take care of, their family.

Home made, hand made, hand crafted goodness, locally farmed ... in Canada!

Buy Canadian!

The hand made touch means each item is uniquely different.

Are you a work at home mom? Or do you make and sell items?
List your item(s) for free on MomsHomemade.ca! There is no limit to how many items you can list. It's always free. Plus you get your own customized store front too!

Our goal is to have homemade goods from mom's all over Canada so that items can truly be made and shipped locally. Contact us for more information!

Sell your items online!
We offer full website services. If you want to list your products you can be part of the momshomemade.ca website for FREE! If you want to be able to sell on your own personal store front website, services start as low as $4.95/mth, created and designed by a mom!

The mom's homemade website now includes the former Earth Friendly Canada website; making it a one stop resource!

Awakken All Natural Soap and Shampoo Bars
We are so very proud to finally have All Natural Cold Processed Soap part of Mom'sHomemade! Not only are these all natural bars made exclusively from saponized all natural nourishing oils, essential oils and botanicals, but their packaging is reclaimed papers from an architectural office! Giving paper a new life, and saving trees in the process.

Using a hard bar of soap for body and hair is so earth friendly, no plastic packaging required, and costs less to ship too! Prefer liquid soap? Why not turn a bar into liquid soap when it gets in your hands, that way you can reuse a bottle you already have on hand, and still cut down on packaging and shipping emissions!

Safety and Terms of Use
As a parent it is your responsibility to make sure that any product you use, and the manner in which you use these products, is safe and appropriate for your child.

Babies are delicate beings and need care that their hips, spine and head are properly sustained in any carrying position. Stretchy wraps allow baby freedom of movement, which means that when baby starts to push against the person carrying, baby needs to be easily accessible by the person carrying it to prevent injuries. Never do anything with your baby that feels unsafe.

Stretchy baby wraps safety is in the wrapping technique which includes a minimum of three (3) layers holding baby in place. Always ensure there are three (3) layers supporting your baby for maximum safety. Ensure hips are properly supported and legs are not dangling. Baby's head should be up, away from chest, and airway should be clear of fabric. Baby wearing should offer the same safety and support as carrying baby in your arms. Baby wearing means you are holding baby close to be attentive and respond to their cues and signals quickly. Just like any other device, baby should never be left without constant supervision.

Fabric Terminology & Ideology
We choose all our fabric based on durability and strength. Our priority is on natural locally made fabric, including eco-friendly and organic which are locally available.


* Bamboo trees grow at a rapid rate with little pesticid usage necessary creating virtually no adverse impact on the soil.
* It is the ideal renewable resource; naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, and hypo-allergenic, even after multiple washings.
* 100% Biodegradable, blocks UV rays, and is 3-4 times more absorbent than Cotton. Fabrics keep you drier, cooler, and more comfortable.
* Fibers produce textiles that are naturally soft and smooth.
* Unfortunately, Bamboo is not stable on it's own and therefore is best when blended with other fibers such as organic cotton or spandex from a performance viewpoint.


* Cotton requires less resources than synthetics to manufacture; making it a natural choice for eco-friendly consumers.
* It is naturally breathable and is very comfortable for baby and mommy too!
* Unfortunately, cotton uses a lot of pesticide to grow. It is best to opt for Organic Cotton which is grown using methods and materials that have low impact on the environment. You are easing a burden on the earth with Organic Cotton.

Most of our textiles are Eco friendly in that they are finished and dyed in a closed environmentally friendly facility. No dyes, bleaches, of finishing residues are released into the environment.

French Terry
Also known as French Fleece is a knit fabric with a looped pile back and smooth face. This constructs like jogging fleece. It is strong and durable.

We currently use organic bamboo/cotton blend french terry and locally manufactured cotton french terry only.

Jersey Knit
A generic term for a plain knit fabric without a distinct rib. Originally made of wool, jersey fabric was first manufactured on the island of Jersey. It is soft and durable.

We currently use eco-friendly cotton jersey knits and organic bamboo/cotton blend jersey knits only.

Made in Canada! All natural! Nature-friendly.
For all inquiries, please email us. If calling, please leave your email address.
info (at)momshomemade (dot) ca Tel: 416.258.6268
Amherst Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6E 1Z2 Canada

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